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Here at Unicorn Therapies, I collaborate with you and offer high valued training for better stress management.


Psychotherapy Session


With my neuro-linguistic programming, I offer a range of techniques that help you to change your perspective of life and assist in seeing the positive side of the world.

Similarly, hypnotherapy services are focused on enabling you to achieve a better sense of awareness and focus. My hypnotherapy sessions involve guided relaxation and intense concentration, call me today to learn more or to book a session.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki in Japanese means universal life force energy, Reiki as a treatment works on three levels, mind, body, and spirit,

I teach people how to do Reiki for themselves. The training is separated into three levels,

1st degree ‘Healing yourself’

Before you can start your journey to support others it is very important to start with yourself, learn how to work on yourself giving self-healing and working on people close to you.

2nd Degree Reiki Qualification ‘Supporting others to heal’

Having completed your level 1, In this degree you will learn the first three Reiki symbols and how to give Reiki to other people as part of this level you also do case studies.

Reiki Master & Teaching level qualification ‘Sharing healing with others’

The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond and must be polished or the lustre of it will never appear.’ - Daniel Defoe

In a nutshell, the third degree consists of learning the master symbol, receiving the attunements, and learning and mastering the attunement process so you can pass on and teach the gift of Reiki to others.

For more details contact me.

Life coaching session


Life coaching involves a set of methods that work together to fight against such elements that hinder your productivity, including procrastination and lack of focus. Plus, if you have gone through stress or trauma factors in your life, then EMDR could offer great help. This technique involves reliving painful memories together in such a way that the impact on your mind could be reduced significantly.

I understand that confidentially is key, so rest assured that all enquiries made will be kept private. For additional peace of mind, you may also like to know that Unicorn Therapies is fully insured. Contact me today to find out how I can help you.

Thanks for your feedback!


"Roy has all the qualities that you would expect of a great therapist – he is always professional, with a calm, empathetic manner that inspires trust. An extremely good listener, Roy is sensitive to the needs of the client — both emotionally and therapeutically. Over the last 7 years, his hypnotherapy treatments have helped me to feel confident in difficult work situations, and our aromatherapy sessions have relieved my pain and stress and improved my irregular sleep patterns. Together we have decided which aromatherapy oil, or blend of oils, is best suited to my needs. Often, finding a favourite scent has been the best guide, and this combined with Roy's excellent massage skills in a private, soothing environment has given great results. Recently, I have started treating myself to hot stone massages with scent-infused wax. One adjective that always comes to mind: delicious!"

Penny - 25/10/14

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