Life is supposed to be loved, and if something is stopping you from doing so, action must be taken. Discover my therapy services in Sutton Coldfield today.

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Reiki as a treatment works on three levels, mind, body and spirit. Learn more about my Reiki training

Relaxing at Home


This course helps you to develop a greater understanding of different relaxation techniques such as meditation, self-hypnosis, and visualisation. Contact me.

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Hypnosis is the other name for relaxation, where the individual goes into a trance state. In this situation, suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious.

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About me

Despite first establishing my business in 2008, I have a total of 20 years of industry experience. So, if you’re based in Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield, why not take advantage today?

As a qualified holistic therapist, I offer a range of therapy services for people from all backgrounds. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and boast an array of qualifications, including:

- Hypnotherapy
- Life coaching
- Reiki


We only get one life to live in this world, so taking good care of our mind, spirit and body is crucial. From hypnotherapy to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), I can help to figure out the issues and suggest solutions accordingly. For a full list of my offerings, please check out my therapy services.

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"Roy is an extremely understanding, professional, experienced and knowledgeable therapist. I had some hypnotherapy/relaxation techniques with Roy prior to an operation. I was very anxious about the general anaesthetic despite having had operations previously. Roy’s techniques, which I practised at home prior to the operation were so successful that on admission and during the procedure to administer the anaesthetic I was extremely relaxed and not at all nervous. This, I am sure contributed to a smooth and relaxed recovery and minimal pain relief postoperatively. I would recommend this to everyone. These techniques are useful for everyday situations, poor sleep as well as very stressful situations such as medical procedures."

"Would highly recommend it, felt relaxed immediately. Very professional, listens, understanding. Very knowledgeable."


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